Peter and Lene Krone, Hvittingfossveien 373, NO-3089 Holmestrand, Norway
Tel (+47) 33051422 (house) - Mobile 93803906 (Lene) - Mobile 95453630 (Peter)
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Veibeskrivelse / road description

Krone gård

Early history:

Botne Bygdebok om Krone gård

Botne Bygdebok om Krone gård

Recent history:

Einar Hildemar Krone died in 2002, 89 years old. His heirs put the farm up for sale in 2003. Lene Lund Jensen from Holmestrand and Alf Magne Sæle from Bergen had been looking for a farm in the area for three years. When Lene came to see Krone farm for sale in June 2003, the choice was easy. Three days later the farm were ours. From then on the Curly Horses in Norway had a home. We moved in with six horses. At the same time the small beginnings of our webshop started.

In 2006 Lene and Alf had a son, Samuel Krone (first name from his great grandfather Samuel Olsen and last name from his birth place, Krone gård). In 2010 we added our first poodle to the family, and had our first litter in 2012. But in 2014 Alf was diagnosed with cancer. All the horses were sold or sent away. Alf died in 2015. Lene later took the name Krone after the farm, so both her and her son had the same surname.

Three of the horses came back to the farm.

In 2018 Lene Krone married Peter Doedens from Holland who also changed his name to Krone.

more to follow

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